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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sari's 12th Birthday

Just before my daughters 12th birthday we had received RockBand as a gift. It is one of our family's favorite past times. So for her birthday we decided to have a RockBand party. She invited over a bunch of friends and they all hung out and played RockBand. So I wanted to do a RockBand cake for her. I thought about doing just the guitar or the drums or something but I really wanted to make her cake unique. So I set out to do our entire family playing RockBand made out of fondant. My original idea was to make our entire living room out of fondant including couches and tv and everything. Once I got started I quickly decided against that :) So we ended up with our family on a rug playing Rockband. I baked a half sheet cake and did a double layer and then made all of the figures on the top out of fondant. The people came together fairly easily. I used toothpicks to hold them together. The clothes were the hardest part. I definitely need to work on that some more. I freehanded the guitar just by looking at our real one. The drums I used little cookie cutters to achieve the perfect circle. The drums were probably my favorite part to make. The train is not out of fondant. I started making the fondant pieces about a week ahead of time because I never planned on anyone eating the fondant. The fondant pieces were gone before the cake was :) The birthday girl is at the microphone with dad singing back up, Mom is on the guitar, sister is on the drums, and her brother is sitting on the floor playing with his trains which is what he usually does when we all play RockBand. This was a really fun cake to make :)

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