"You don't have to wait for a special occasion to enjoy a cupcake - although you might find that sharing a batch makes even an ordinary day seem that much more sweet."- Martha Stewart

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Farmersville Farmers Market

As you can tell from all of the posts I just made that my lack of posting isn't from lack of baking!!! I've been running my tail end off and having a blast doing it! My daughter has become my best helper and we have soooo much fun working together! We have both learned a lot from each other!

I have been able to secure a booth at a local Farmer's Market every Friday evening! So if you are in the area I'd love to have you stop by my booth!

Farmersville Farmers Market
Every Friday Evening
Through October
Corner of Pepper St. and Farmersville Blvd

Send me a message if you have any questions or need directions!

I usually have specials going so make sure and check my facebook page to see what they are each week! If you aren't on Facebook you can send me a message here!

Brown and Blue Cookies

These yummy cookies were made for a funeral :(

Brent Graduates!!!

I made this cake for a wonderful person graduating from high school! He plans on being a music teacher!

Happy Birthday Zina!

This was a fun cake to do for a Luau themed birthday party!

LadyBug Cupcakes

These sweet little things were for a baby shower! I took them to one of my events for the pick up arrangements and everyone wanted to buy one! I guess I should have made extras :)

iPhone Cake

I made this cake for my husbands birthday this year! It was tons of fun but a little hard to keep myself in control! I could have made hundreds of apps it was so stinkin fun! But I tried to keep it to just the basics! He loved it!

Gran Gran Turns 80

I made this cake for my Great Grandpa (Gran Gran) who turned 80! It just so happened that it fell the same weekend as the previous 8 year olds western themed cake so the two cakes used the same ideas!

Janelle Graduates

This cake was kept very simple on the decorations because the flavor is what we were really working towards! It is a vanilla cake with raspberry filling and yummy cream cheese frosting! What a wonderful combination!

Happy Birthday Partner!

This cake was done for a sweet little boy turning 8! My favorite part of this cake
was the rope on the top!

Graduation Time

This is an order of cupcakes and a cake that I did for two high school graduates that had their party together! Tons of fun creating special occasion cakes - I almost feel like I get to be apart of their celebration!

Cupcakes for my Doctor

I made a cupcake bouquet for my doctor who did the surgery on my foot on the day that I was finally released! I've been seeing him for about 9 months! Kind of weird thinking I don't have anymore appointments to see him! His office staff LoVeD it!!! And he did too!

Cookie Time with My SIL's

We had the opportunity to visit with some family in Arizona and while we were there all of us girls decided to make cookies! We had sooo much fun, laughing and taste testing while we worked! Here are a few pictures of us having fun together! Except I'm the one behind the camera with none in front of the camera!!!

It's Baseball time

Baseball cupcakes for a birthday party at the Ball Park!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Eagle Scout Court of Honor

What a fun way to celebrate an Eagle Scout Court of Honor! I found this idea on the internet and thought it was a great idea!

Baseball Cupcakes

Baseball cupcakes for a birthday party at the ballpark!!!


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