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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kim's Wedding

This is the first wedding I had scheduled for this summer and originally it was going to be a three tier cake, but the bride decided she wanted cupcakes and I'm so glad she changed her mind. I think her "cake" turned out beautiful! I'm going to start encouraging the cupcakes :) If you read the previous post about the cupcake boxes and their purpose, this is the event they were created for! It was hard to get a straight on view of the cake after I had it set up so all of the pictures look like it was slanting but really it was just the angle of the camera. It was an outdoor wedding held in the middle of the afternoon so I suggested they not move the cake table outside until they were ready to serve, simply because buttercream frosting and heat do not mix.

This is the entire thing all set up. Her colors were black and white with red accents. It was a beautiful combination.

I covered the boxes in different patterns of black and white scrapbook paper and then used artificial red cherry blossoms to accent in red. I had thought about lining the bottom of each layer of boxes with red ribbon, I decided against and am so glad. I think it would have really detracted from the overall appearance and made it look to busy.

This is prior to putting the artificial flowers on. I think they really made a big difference in appearance since Kim opted for very simple appearing cupcakes.

The cupcakes: 1/3 chocolate, 1/3 vanilla, 1/3 marble. I used the silver wrappers which again I think really added a pleasing look. I used silver sugar sprinkles and then added a red royal icing flower. Much to my dismay I found out that the little silver balls are now outlawed in CA. I think they would have looked nice, however, I still think they turned out fine with the sprinkles.

This is the top of the cake. I didn't have good lighting trying to get an upclose so it is a little bright. I used the same artificial blossoms in red and white for the top of the cake and Kim had gotten the silver wedding hearts to go in the middle.

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