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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

I found the cutest idea on Bakerella's Blog!!! I was dying for a reason to make these cute little hamburgers and french fries and my husband provided the perfect excuse, he had to work on Father's Day so I decided to make them to take for all of the other dads who had to work too.

This was quite the task once I got into it. I didn't really think it would be that intensive but there are a lot of little steps. Luckily I only made 14 of them or else I would probably still be here doing it.

I think they turned out adorable and I would definitely make them again, and in fact you could make them for any occasion just by changing the wording!

The first thing I did was make the brownies. So easy, I just used a boxed mix and made it according to the package directions. That was a little weird for me. After they were done I just left them in the pan to cool.

While the brownies were baking I started working on the "french fries". Once again I used Betty Crocker's package mix of sugar cookie dough using the "cookie cut out" variation. A couple of things I learned with this step were that my french fries were too long. I used about half the batch of dough to roll out at a time. I left it fairly thick which turned out good but I left my uncooked french fries about 4" long and they should have been about 2" long. I ended up breaking a bunch of the cooked ones in half so they fit better. When I brought them out of the oven I sprinkled them with sugar while they were still warm and kind of rubbed it in so it looked like salt on french fries then I just left them to cool.

After I made the brownies and cookies I tackled the "paper work". Attached to Bakerella's blog is the pdf files for all of the cute paper goods. This is where I messed up on my timing. I didn't think about the time involved in printing, cutting, folding, and taping all of these together. They turned out soooo cute though that by the end the time was all worth it. I didn't get a picture of the tissue paper that goes in the little tray separately but you can see a picture of it at the top with it all put together. It was so cute. However, another thing I learned was that the paper could also be cut smaller to fit in the trays better.

After I got my paper products all printed and cut out and realized how long I was going to be assembling I started making my cupcakes. That worked out good.

After the paper products were all assembled I set out to make the "hamburgers and french fries". First I made a recipe of butter cream frosting. Bakerella used store bought frosting but I was also decorating some cupcakes so I used buttercream. I tinted a small portion red (ketchup) and yellow (mustard). Then I colored a baggy full of coconut green for my lettuce.

I flipped the whole pan of brownies out onto a tray and used my round cookie cutter to cut out the "patties". Another educating experience, use a bigger pan so the brownies are not so thick. I had to cut my patties in half because they were so tall.

After the cupcakes were cooled I peeled the wrappers off.

Then I cut the cupcakes in half and set the tops off to the side.

Add the "pattie" to the bottom bun.

I left the ketchup and mustard in baggies and snipped off the ends. I squirted it just like I would on a real hamburger making sure to go all the way to the edge so it would be visible. Then I sprinkled the "lettuce" on top.

Apply top bun. I thought they were cute here!

Then I painted on some piping gel and sprinkled sesame seeds and oh my goodness!!! They were soooo cute!!!! My husband came into the kitchen right about this time and he was quite impressed. He had seen all of the parts but he hadn't seen anything put together so he was surprised at how realistic they looked. It made all of the work worth it!

I put the cookies into the fry holders and put them all in their little trays. I thought they turned out so cute!!!

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