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Friday, August 7, 2009

New Flavors

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I went on a cruise. If you have ever been on a cruise before you know the amount and style of food that they offer you. While perusing the different choices one particular evening and seeing an abundance of mangoes, my husband says to me, "Ooh, you should make a cupcake with mango frosting!" So, here is my creation! I am calling it Island Paradise! It is a lemon cupcake with mango frosting topped with shredded coconut.

I have a wedding coming up in October that has requested carrot cake with candied carrots as the garnish. Previous to today, I had yet to find a yummy carrot cake recipe and I had never attempted candied carrots. A friend was kind enough to share her carrot cake recipe with me and today I tried it! It is so moist and has the most wonderful flavor! As it was baking the aroma just yelled "Fall Weather"!!! It simply was heavenly!

As for the candied carrots, I found a recipe online and they weren't very difficult to make. I wish that they had turned out not quite so ooey and gooey but rather more flaky. I guess they weren't called flaky carrots though were they! The true taste test will come tomorrow when I deliver them to my husbands work for their sampling opinions! We shall see what the taste testers say!

This is a picture of the carrots drying after they had been caramelized.

This is a picture of the carrot cupcake topped with cream cheese frosting a garnish of candied carrots.

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